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April 2019: Short visit to Suffolk to show friends a few hammer-beam roofs. Highlight for me was Earl Stonham church which I had never visited before - a corker - and a great antidote for trying to access the services at South Mimms. There's a new entry now under 'E'.

March 2019: return to working on this website after illness and writing and publishing a novel (under pseudonym).
Various tweaks; new entry and pic under 'Wind Brace' and 'Sole Piece'.

June-July 2017: Sundry entries added, tweaked and illustrated. New pics include 'hip rafter' and 'jetty'.

06/2017: pics and text added to 'lap joint'.

05/2017: Pics and text added to 'Scarf Joint'
Text added to 'Westminster Hall'

04/2017: Pics and text added to 'Mortice & Tenon.'

03/2017: Entries under 'M' and 'P'

08/03/2015: Lincoln Cathedral, high roofs.

15/03/2015: Lambeth Palace Guard Room.

May 2015
St Edward's, Cheddleton
In a change from my usual research interests, I am currently researching the grounds of the the former mental hospital of St Edward's, Cheddleton, Staffs, now a housing estate. The estate is beautifully situated among the mature trees of the former hospital, and I am investigating the history and the planting of the grounds to the end of writing a statement of significance which may help conserve the unique planting.