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March 2019: return to working on this website after writing and publishing a novel (under pseudonym).
Various tweaks; new entry and pic under 'Wind Brace' and 'Sole Piece'.

June-July 2017: Sundry entries added, tweaked and illustrated. New pics include 'hip rafter' and 'jetty'.

06/2017: pics and text added to 'lap joint'.

05/2017: Pics and text added to 'Scarf Joint'
Text added to 'Westminster Hall'

04/2017: Pics and text added to 'Mortice & Tenon.'

03/2017: Entries under 'M' and 'P'

08/03/2015: Lincoln Cathedral, high roofs.

15/03/2015: Lambeth Palace Guard Room.

May 2015
St Edward's, Cheddleton
In a change from my usual research interests, I am currently researching the grounds of the the former mental hospital of St Edward's, Cheddleton, Staffs, now a housing estate. The estate is beautifully situated among the mature trees of the former hospital, and I am investigating the history and the planting of the grounds to the end of writing a statement of significance which may help conserve the unique planting.

If anyone has any photos of the grounds from before the estate was built early in the 2000s these would be extremely useful in establishing the original planting. Did you work there? Did you work as a gardener there? Please get in touch.
Thank you.